Virtual Private Servers

Cloud Vigilant Managed VPS Hosting

Our CloudVigilant engineers actively protect and manage your servers 24/7/365, eliminates the capex of creating your SysAdmin team, freeing up resources for your business. 

If you are an online trader then please review our Trader's VPS service.  The plans listed below are virtual servers without optimizations for desktop use.  Cloud desktops are also available with desktop optimizations.

Blistering Speeds Regardless of Slow Connections

Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Desktops perform and execute exactly like stand-alone computers; VPS's can be rebooted independently and have users, IP addresses, processes, system libraries and configuration files. When employed as a virtual desktop, subscribers enjoy an "always running" desktop, running on the already familiar Microsoft Windows platform with a lightning fast Internet connection, regardless of the speed between the remote desktop client and server.

Self Management


A web based interface enables end users to backup and restore a VM (virtual machine) without technical support.  Pre-installed software adds a second layer of protection thru file level backups.


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Backup & Restore

Automatic Backup of your VPS on a weekly basis ensures that the integrity of your data is protected and you can request a restoration at any time.

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Ultra Secured


VPS Secured Plans virtualized servers offer superior security in comparison to a dedicated server. The baseline architecture shifts access points and prevents attacks such as Denial of Service.  All VPS subscriptions include a basic edge firewall configuration, allowing SSH, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, IMAP, SMTP and terminal services.


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Diverse & Flexible


Diverse array of server applications are available by subscription or install your own.


Windows ServersLinux ServersCloud Desktops

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