Cost Effective Low Latency Internet Access

From One of the Most Connected Networks on the Internet

We operate our own network (AS29697), spanning from the most south west tip of the continental USA, extending east through NJ/NY and into Europe.  We connect to seven public internet traffic exchanges along the way and peer with approximately 1200 networks, in addition to direct connections to multiple brokers and financial service providers.  This makes the CNS network one of the most connected low latency IP networks on the entire Internet.  Our highly connected network enables your traffic to bypass congested transit providers and travel directly through peering links to most destinations, reducing latency.  We practice an OPEN peering policy and do not double dip at the expense of subscriber connectivity.  We invite you to check out our public looking glass and see our awesome connectivity for yourself.

Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 Internet connectivity is available from any of our connected data centers.  They are:

  • Coresite LA1
  • Coresite LA2
  • Equinix NY2
  • Equinix NY4
  • Equinix NY5
  • Equinix NY6
  • Equinix LD4
  • Equinix LD5
  • Equinix LD6
  • New York Internet

Connectivity may also be available from regional data centers through the use of extended cross connects.

Committed speeds start at 5MB (US$30/month) and max out at 10Gb/port at a competitive tiered discount.  Multiple ports can be bonded for higher throughput.  Jumbo frames are supported for maximum speed.  Dual up-links are also available for redundancy at a modest additional cost.  BGP is supported.  Data center cross connect fees, if any, will be billed directly by the data center.

We also offer Virtual Private Network access is also available as a separate service for users who want to leverage our highly connected network from remote locations.   Our hosted Cloud router is also available to setup your own virtual network.

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