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CNS is a Global Leader of Managed Virtual Desktops and Virtual private Networks for remote workers and companies.

Best, Fastest, Safest VPS Platforms

  • VPS optimized for desktop use by remote workers.
  • Only 100% Up Time Guarantee
  • Maximum security and Only Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Native IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity
  • Easily configure multiple desktops into workgroups

The #1 Choice for Remote Workers

  • Untouchable speeds that trounce all competitors.
  • Genuine OS compatible with all of your software.
  • Install your own software just like any other desktop – only in the cloud!
  • (re)Connect from most any device and location

Data Centers in London, New York, LA

  • Strategic Data Centers in major Internet hubs for maximum global reach
  • Ubiquitous connection from any computer or mobile device
  • Accelerates Limited Speed Networks

Simple Setup, Real Time Support

  • CNS Remote Admin (Mobile app)
  • CNS Autoboot (AI app) is pre-installed with every virtual desktop.
  • Only Live Telephone Support, Chat and Secured HelpDesk Tech Support 24/7
  • Turn Key for ease of management with basic PC skills.

Why The Best Choose CNS?

  • CNS operates their own network – one of the most connected on the entire Internet
  • World class support:  telephone, helpdesk, live chat and shared remote desktop sessions with a CNS tech
  • Hardware virtualization – avoid problems created by ‘noisy neighbors’
  • Multiple datacenters to choose from & easily move between datacenters as needed
  • Securely share files with other desktops – even between different CNS datacenters
  • Full root/Administrator access.  Install your own software without restriction
  • Maximum Security and Two-Factor Authentication (Exclusive)

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  1. Choose your Virtual Desktop Plan. You can upgrade to any package, anytime you want.
  2. Identify the datacenter where you want your virtual desktop hosted. It’s generally best to host it closer to you.
  3. Don’t worry though, you can move your same VM between datacenters at any time and without charge, so there is no need to reinstall your software with a datacenter move.
  4. For max security select the Two Factor Authentication (Free).

Virtual Desktop PlansMore on 2FA

  1. You can pay for your Virtual Desktop using Visa, Master Card, American Express, Paypal & BitCoin.
  2. We also accept Wire Transfers for a US $15 fee.
  3. Credit Cards set up a auto recurring payment for your convenience..

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What is a Virtual Desktop for global Remote Workers?

First take your PC and install it in our Cloud aka data center with a very fast Internet connection – one faster than 99% of all Internet users worldwide.

Then connect yourself to that PC from Timbuktu or anyplace across the planet through an inexpensive remote access device (“thin client”) – likely a light/thin laptop or Chromebook, etc. Since your remote connection is little more than the KVM (keyboard, video, mouse).

Now you only need a device and Internet fast enough to support just the remote KVM connection between you and your PC in the Cloud. You do not need an Internet connection or a CPU fast enough to support all your activities.

Next add in all the software, apps and ultimate security for not only your thin client but you smartphone and other devices as well. Then be able to have the Autboot monitor and back up your system 24/7/365.

So you don’t need much bandwidth with modern RDP (remote desktop protocol). It’s closer to “two cups and a string” – exactly what many virtual, remote or digital nomads need.

That’s not all… do all of the above and collaborate with your team members and partners on projects within the most highly secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) available.

Voila! A Virtual Desktop and Virtual Private Network is yours… at great prices and customized for remote workers, virtualized companies and global citizens!

Virtual Desktop Plans for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads.

Virtual Desktop Plans for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads.

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