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CNS operates one of the most connected networks on the Internet.  

Leverage the power of virtual private network technology to remotely connect your machine or third party hosted server to our network and enjoy the benefits of our highly connected network. Bypass congested Internet transit circuits and Improve the quality of your Internet connectivity while securing your online privacy with a CNS VPN.

By encrypting your data through a CNS VPN, your Internet traffic will be protected from prying eyes and hacked Internet connections, such as public WiFi access points.  Each subscription supports up to 5 devices, enabling you to secure your mobile device, laptop and primary workstation with one account.

The US has recently repealed ISP privacy regulations and ISP's in the USA can now sell your personal browsing history to advertisers! In Australia, ISP's are now required to collect your metadata.  Other countries are expected to follow these examples.

Use our Anonymous VPN or Anonymous with TOR service to protect your privacy.  Our anonymous VPN hubs do not log your activity and renders your ISP's prying eyes totally blind to your online activity. 

For the ultimate in online privacy, connect to our "Anonymous with TOR" hub.  Included at no extra charge, this hub will connect you directly to the onion (TOR) network.  No extra software required!  All traffic is routed through TOR.  If the TOR network will not handle the packet then it is dropped.  With this hub you can surf the .onion network (dark web) and regular Internet sites through TOR.

Tor aims to conceal its users' identities and their online activity from surveillance and traffic analysis by separating identification and routing. It is an implementation of onion routing, which encrypts and then randomly bounces communications through a network of relays run by volunteers around the globe.

Additionally, our highly connected network may very well provide you with better connectivity to the OPEN Internet than your very own ISP!  Most ISP's have very restrictive peering policies.  CNS maintains an open peering policy and has more peering links than most ISP's!  This means better connectivity for your online activity.

Utilize up to 32 simultaneous channels for maximum throughput.   Unlimited traffic! 

Of course, our service is backed by outstanding technical support and a 30 day money back guarantee.

US$9/month, $60/year or $100 for two years! Virtual Desktop and Server subscribers can receive a free CNS VPN subscription by simply asking for it at our helpdesk.

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Connect your PC, server or entire network to the highly connected CNS network to improve the quality of your network connectivity and keep your network connection safe from hacked WiFi access points at the same time.  The CNS network is one of the most connected networks on the entire Internet.  You can benefit from our highly connected network thru a CNS VPN subscription.

The CNS VPN utilizes multiple channels to increase end to end bandwidth.  This service is great for traders who don't necessarily need a ultra-low latency connection but do require a high quality connection.

Select from three available VPN hubs based on your requirements, or subscribe to our private VPN HUB service. Connect up to 5 devices!

AnonymousVPN: This VPN hub will assign you a private IPv4 address. We will then change your public IP address based on the egress point on our network to the remote network you are contacting. For example, if the remote network is peered with us in Los Angeles, then your public IP to that host will be from our Los Angeles datacenter. And if the remote network is peered with us in Europe, then that host will see an IP from our UK datacenter. This will provide a static “enough” public IP address for you to work online, while changing it frequently enough to make tracking difficult. Please keep in mind that this does not prevent other methods of tracking your online activity, so be sure to disable cookies and such. We do not log these connections, however we do employ real time network abuse sensors. This hub is unlikely to comply with most corporate policies because activity is not logged.

Anonymous with TOR: This VPN hub will connect you directly to the onion network.  No extra software required.  This is the ultimate in online privacy!  All traffic is routed through TOR.  If TOR will not handle your specific traffic then the packet is dropped.  We do not log these connections, however we do employ real time network abuse sensors. This service is intended to help protect your online privacy in the strongest possible way. This hub is unlikely to comply with most corporate policies because activity is not logged and it connects you directly to the "dark web".  This hub will let you surf .onion sites and the entire web in total privacy.

Anonymous_Pub_Static_IP_VPN: This VPN hub will assign you a single public IPv4 and IPv6 address for the duration of your VPN session. We do maintain connection logs to be in compliance with most corporate policies. Logs are only available by subpoena or request of the account owner.